We motivate our students by setting them up with tangible goals and by teaching through modern methods to manage their education goals.

This is achieved through an innovative teaching approach involving a supplementary practice, assisting the students with theory, exercises, and practice.

The method will be chosen in accord with the target desired and established in advance with the student/ parents.
Periodical assessments and adjustments will be made in the teaching plan as needed.
All the books and the methods are easy to follow. The success is guarantied guaranteed if the student regularly practices as instructed. Parental supervision of daily practice is recommended for students 10 and under.
The students will be able to choose to participate in the student recital either in June or at the end of the year.
You will receive a Certificate of Achievement upon successfully completing the required material.

The student will get help to prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music examinations, recitals, and competitions.

All of our group courses have a maximum of 4 students per class.
Please note that it is possible to start private lessons at any point in the year, subject to student and teacher’s schedule and classes’ occupancy.

Homework and Individual study is the foundation of rapid advancement with music lessons. Practice time is usually based on individual abilities and goals. Teachers will advice about efficient ways to practice, tailored to students' goals.
The sooner a student masters sight reading, the more efficient and enjoyable
practice sessions become. Music practicing can be unpleasant and lengthy for students who cannot read notes easily at first.
Instruction involving various styles of music, sight reading, ear training, technical development and theory, are all important aspects of musical training and are included at each level of instruction.
In order to wreak the full benefits from piano lessons, regular practice is important.ID-10045128