ID-10071905The payment will be made with cheques at the beginning of the month.

Promotional Price: 10% off for the students who pay in advance for one school year
Seniors (60+) are entitled forreduced rates.
For brothers and sisters or students at the same location, the time will be counted together, not separate, so payment will be lower.
There is a $25.00 fee for any returned cheques.
Fees do not include course materials.

Rates- Private lessons (GST included)

 Individual (payment at the beginning of the month for all the lessons )

30-minute lesson__________ $29.00
45-minute lessons_________ $39.00
one-hour lessons__________ $49.00

Rates- Group lessons (GST included)
 $10- $25, depending the group size and lesson length.


Students may choose to exit the program with one month notice.

 Fees are payable before the start of every month.

 Course fee dose does no include materials.

 Group classes are available either at our locations or your location (minimum 1 hour class/week).


 We accept Cash or Cheque made payable to: Toronto School of Music& Arts